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็ ด้‡œๆฒˆ่ˆŸ

Smash the pots and sink the boats
Origin: China

Smash the pots and sink the boatsโ€ (็ ด้‡œๆฒˆ่ˆŸ) is an expression that dates back to 207 BCE. โ 
During the very first dynasty in China, there once was a legendary battle. In this fight, a general and his troops were VERY out-numbered. To rally their courage, the general gave an order to destroy their cooking pots and sink their own boats โ€” right after they had crossed a river to enemy territory.
The message was loud and clear: there was no turning back. To survive, they would HAVE to defeat the enemy and take over their supplies.โ 
His soldiers fought doggedly โ€” like their lives depended on it โ€” and went on to claim several victories.โ 
Itโ€™s been 2200+ years since this battle, but the expression โ€œsmash the pots and sink the boatsโ€ is still used in everyday Chinese conversation to describe the go-for-broke mentality that’s perfect for tackling any challenge. โ